Apple Cider

Our cider is made from multiple apple varieties and are locally sourced. Varieties used in our cider can range from common apples such as McIntosh and Honeycrisp to heirlooms such as Niagara, Alexander, Golden Russet and more!  There could be as many as 10 varieties used in one batch! All our juices are UV treated per New York State Law and are made in small batches as apples ripen to maintain high quality and uniqueness……every batch could have it’s own unique apple flavor!  All ciders are 100% juice from fruits sourced as close to Canton as possible to provide freshness and support local agriculture and businesses… your neighbors, your neighbors will support you!  


Ciders are now available at:

Our Store at the Upick orchard every Saturday Noon to 5 – Where we also have pre-picked summer apples available. On cooler days, we will have hot cider too!

Nature’s Storehouse 21 Main Street, Canton NY – Our first retailer! They carry our ciders and fresh apples too!

Potsdam Food Co-op  24 Elm Street, Potsdam NY – Where you can also find our fresh apples!

Jernabi Coffeehouse  11 Maple Street Potsdam NY – Where a very fine mulled cider and cold pints can be found

Pickens Hall & General Store  83 State Street, Heuvelton NY – Buy some cider and awesome cheese curd!

Canton Farmers Market Every Friday 9am – 2pm – Where you will find many local growers from St. Lawrence County 

Potsdam Farmers Market Every Saturday 9am – 2pm – Along the beautiful Raquette River in Downtown Potsdam

Big Spoon Kitchen Potsdam, NY – Order a fresh cider with your meal!



Apple Cider from Canton Apples

Apple Cider Flavors.


Regular Apple – Our Signature juice with a mixture of whatever apples are ripe from our orchards at their peak ripeness, hand-selected and custom pressed. Juice could contain any of our 140 varieties!

Summer Apple – A very nice apple aroma with a tart but sweet taste! If you like sour beverages, you will love this non-alcoholic juice!  Made from our early summer apples.

Apple Grape – A great all around flavor with the noble notes of grape.

Apple Cranberry – A fine mixture with the tartness of the cranberry, offset by the sweetness of apple…..a great blend to have with any meal!

Apple Berry –  This is a blend of red raspberries, yellow raspberries, lack raspberries & wild blackberries with a tart/sweet flavor and great aroma. Not as sweet as one would think… but just right!

Apple Pear  –  A refreshing, mild and sweet blend with the soft flavor of pear. Our best seller in the blended line-up!

Apple Blueberry  –  The sharpness of blueberry and sweet apple make this blend a nice all around, refreshing beverage.


Canton Apples is proud to be partners with Bregg Winery to produce cider from our apples and locally sourced fruits.

We are also developing plans to hold special events at the Bregg Winery. The tasting room at the winery will open every Sunday starting September 9th from noon to 5 with our sweet ciders, baked goods and coffee.  We will not have alcoholic ciders for a few months as a fine cider takes a long time to ferment and mature!