Blueberries are ready! See UPICK information below.  You can also buy pre-picked berries from us at the Canton Farmer’s Market every Tuesday and Friday, while supplies last.  Don’t wait too long, they move VERY quickly!

We are open for UPICK Saturdays ONLY from 8am to 11am! Our patch is at the Merkley Farm on Dollar Road, Heuvelton.

From Canton: travel Route 68 towards Ogdensburg for 8 miles, Dollar Road will be on your left. 

From Ogdensburg: travel Route 68 towards Canton for 7.5 miles, Dollar Road will be on your right.

Look for the UPICK Blueberries sign on Route 68.

  Pre-picked berries will be available at our Apple Stand as the season progresses.   

Our blueberries are no spray and grown and maintained by our crew here at Canton Apples! 



About Our Orchards:

While we grow some modern varieties, we specialize in heirloom or old variety apples.  Many are not familiar with the names of these apples but you are encouraged to learn more about them and give them a try! Don’t let the unique shapes, mis-matched sizes or weird colors & names scare you!  Most of these great varieties have gotten lost in the massive advertisement and production of modern apples. Blended varieties make the best flavored sauces, pies and juices.  You will not be disappointed! For a full list of varieties we maintain at our orchards, see our varieties page. 

We maintain and manage old Farm Orchards around Canton, NY with some great heirloom varieties.  Our Farm Stand is located at 339 State Highway 310 in Canton, NY where we are developing a new orchard site. Here, we will have a u-pick for the public in a few years and grow many grafted varieties we like from our other farm orchards. We also have expanded with other hardy varieties known to survive a North Country climate.           

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